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Fine Salt

Our fine grade rock salt consists of particles smaller than 3/32” or about 2.4mm. Our fine salt is used primarily as a feed additive for livestock and other animals, processing of raw hides into leather goods, and for producing brine for de-icing pre-treatment on roadways.


Grade: Fine (approximately 3/32” or about 2.4mm and finer)

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Fine Salt Detail

Mixes Easily.

This pure rock salt has a consistency similar to sand for easy mixing with livestock feed and other products.


Animal health benefits.

Salt is necessary for animal health. Our salt satisfies this need while also providing additional trace minerals that promote healthy immune and reproductive systems.


Leather hide processing.

Our fine salt is used for the effective processing of hides into valuable leather goods. It dissolves quickly to produce the brines necessary for these processes.


Bulk & Packaging Options

50 Pound Plastic Bag

50 Pound Plastic Bag

The bags are palletized. Each pallet is stretch wrapped and contains 49 bags

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Truckload bulk is available, a good choice for larger commercial and municipal operations

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Image of Excavator in Salt Mine

Mining Process

Our salt is mined from a 10-foot-thick layer of very pure rock salt situated 850 feet below surface near Kanopolis Kansas. Using a modified room and pillar design, conventional mining methods are utilized to extract approximately 60 percent of the salt in a given area, leaving behind 40 percent in the form of “pillars” which support the mine ceiling. The salt is conveyed over 4 miles underground to the mine shaft where it is hoisted to the surface for further processing and final screening to produce the different sized grades.

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